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Welcome to Adam Kesher, if you've not already been introduced (and if not, why not?! I guess this is where I come in.....)

Hailing from Bordeaux (yes another bunch of French whizz-kids) these boys have been around for a little while now and after clutching them ever so close to my chest for the past 18 months I feel ready to share their power-pop warmth with those of you that are still strangers.

So - not a brand spanking new band still finding their feet but a fighting fit sextet running bare foot Usain Bolt style. Brothers Gaeten & Julien lead the line, backed up by a group of very talented young men, some with moustaches. (Mmm, moustache - Lea). Their music seems to transcend through most contemporary rock comparables effortlessly without ever sounding contrived or familiar, these boys more than hold their own. Soaked in a piping hot late 80's Rock marmalade you're either going to get them or ...just simply not. But if you do, within seconds, you're going to fall in love.

P-Katerine is a song that will make your hair stand on end, and is the On Dancefloors recommendation to begin your infatuation. Songs like Local Girl and Modern Times back it up, predicting a candescent future for the semi-moustached band.

Sitting comfortably within the highly respected label ranks at Disque Primeur, and having been the first signing to Puregroove's own record label 'Lost In Paris', Adam Kesher have released their first full length album 'Heading For The Hills, Feeling Warm Inside' back in April time.

If you found yourself uncontrollably attracted to The Teenagers waaaay back, then you may get that similar buzz with Adam Kesher, only this time around you'll find a little more substance.

Adam Kesher Myspace

Download Adam Kesher - P-Katerine MP3
Download Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Pedro & Panama Mix) MP3

Adam Kesher are playing with Poni Hoax & (We Are) Performance (Lea's long-term favourite Mancunians) at Hoxton Bar and Grill, London on 4th December!

Cain x


Photo by Mellisa_sucks on Flickr.

The new terribly-misspelt album from The Faint, 'Fasciinatiion', is released on their new brilliantly-named record label 'Blank.wav'. It sees the band go more towards their electronic 'Danse Macabre' style, yet still taking influence from the string-instrument-enhanced 'Wet From Birth'.

The album as a whole doesn't nearly make quite an impact as either of these albums did on my ears - but it's by no means their worst album. As far as alternative-electro music goes it's a very decent set of songs.

Album opener 'Get Seduced' includes many bleeps and beeps, with new influences, but still holding the trademark heavy bass riff and electronic melodies.
The stand out track for me is 'The Geeks Were Right', a bizarre look into the future where the popular guys are "egghead boys, with thin white legs" and have "modified features and software brains". It reminds me of a surreal Orwellian dream I had once, "Eyeballs float in wet green grass, I'm in a chainsaw choir, In dreams that bend, To let me cut through time".
The two main songs about relationships, 'Psycho' and 'I Treat You Wrong', have quite a pop structure about them and are almost sing-along, especially the former.

If you're a Faint fan you'll more than likely love this album. But if you're not familiar with them yet, hopefully this album could serve as an introduction to their impressive back catalogue.

Download The Faint - The Geeks Were Right MP3
Download The Faint - Paranoiattack MP3
The Faint Myspace

Purchase The Faint - Fasciination on Import from Amazon.co.uk

- Paul



It's about time i started our 'Songs of the Summer' feature.
But before i do, i MUST share this band with you.

Sadly, a quick google tells me i'm 3 days behind Guardian Online.

Apparently, BOY CRISIS have a massive A&R buzz around them at the moment, hardly surprising, given the quality production and fucking weird lyrics.

"My guess is that you might bless me with your Holy water just like you were the Pope baby".

However, Guardian Online seem to have an infinite amount of information which they've conjured from some sort of musical magic top hat.

Last.Fm can only tell me that "Boy Crisis is a quartet that lives in NYC - funky/edgy discoteque tracks" - MYSTERIOUZ!

One thing that i DON'T get is the MGMT comparisons. Considering how little i can find on Boy Crisis - these comparisons are splurged across everywhere that the bands name is mentioned. The band even call their management MGMT on their profile - wtf? Have i missed some massive connection here? Apart from both bands country of birth?

Quotes -
"File next to: The Normal, Tigercity, Fischerspooner, MGMT."
"The buzz: "Like MGMT, Boy Crisis make highly danceable electro-pop that's so brutally hip and 'now' that it hurts."

Last.Fm has their top similar artist down as MGMT.

Hell, MGMT are their top friend on the Myspak.


Who knows.

Here's a great song for you anyway!

Download Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress MP3
Boy Crisis Myspace

- Lea x

*EDIT: I actually got around to reading the Guardian article. Lol. Turns out they went to the same college as MGMT. But still sound nothing like them. IMO anyway.*



30th-31st August - Hainault Forest, Redbridge (Essex?)

The demise of the 'music festival' this year is completely inarguable (get your top quality journalism right here!) with Zoo8, Blissfields, Wild in the Country, 1234 to name but a few that haven't gone so well..

Offsetfestival.co.uk promises that they are "avoiding the same old "safe" lineup", taking "risks with it's bands whilst focusing on quality, promising an unforgettable weekend for a ludicrously cheap price."

(We all know what they mean by 'safe' lineups now, don't we? ;) And who can say no to 'ludicrously cheap'?!)

The line-up includes Gang of Four, The Maccabees, Chrome Hoof, Metronomy, and recent additions Johnny Foreigner and Blood Red Shoes. Other artists include On Dancefloors firm favourites O Children, The Violets, Electricity in our Homes and Ulterior.

A weekend ticket will set you back a measly £45, or £55 with camping.

Buy your tickets HERE.
PayPal me the money to go HERE. (Only joking. Kind of.)

- Lea x



Picture - Courtesy of our own lovely Loughborian Bec. :)

*/action : Lea removes boasting/chuffed as a button face and puts on serious music face in preparation for the music post she's been waiting to do since the creation of this blog. Which wasn't that long ago tbh, but hey.*

The world of musical leaks has been a bit boring lately, with late of the pier (do they still do the lowercase thing?) only recently spicing up the world of illegal downloading in the last week with the is it/isn't it debate on what appears to be Fantasy Black Channel.

However, all ye musical pirates (yarrgh!) - fear ye not, Mount's long awaited "Nights Out" (Currently due for release in September 08) has just filtered onto the vast seas of the internet. Stupid ocean metaphors aside - i'm very excited.

As i've previously mentioned (in my first post, ever - was it that long ago? - see HERE), 'On Dancefloors' holds the oh-so appropriate title of this blog, and is one of Josephs finest creations. A story of "disappointment on dancefloors", i'm sure you can imagine my utter joy when seeing it on the tracklisting... i reluctantly post it on here as it's been a 'closely guarded secret' since 2006, (may i emphasise that these are NOT my own words! haha) however, I think it's only fair that at least ONE manifestation of On Dancefloors gets the success it deserves, right? ;)

I think Nights Out will surprise the most cynically-minded of you, with it appearing to be slightly more accessible than Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe).

Metronomy haven't completely disowned Pip Paine (PT£5YO), with opener 'Nights Intro' bridging the gap perfectly.
Doing what they do second-best to making "calculator-rock-punk-funk-electro-blimpoid-whatever music"(See NME.com), they've gone and done what sounds like a complete re-hash of 'Hear to Wear,' resulting in 'The End of You Too'.

It's also quite a pleasant surprise to hear some vocals - tracks included under this 'type' are 'Radio Ladio' and 'Heartbreaker', which have also been firm live favourites since early 07.

I'm fully aware that it's time to stop my gushing.

Joseph, Gabriel, Oscar, you bloody clever geeks, nobody pushes those lights quite so well.

All the best, and to you lot - for fucks sake, BUY THE ALBUMS.

Download Metronomy - On Dancefloors MP3

Pre-Order 'Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe)' re-release (28th July 2008) Here
Purchase Holiday EP Here
Purchase a snazzy Metronomy T-Shirt Here

Visit the Metronomy Website
Visit the Metronomy Myspace

Here are some interesting Nme.com quotes for your entertainment:

"The reality that Metronomy aren't as big as Daft Punk seems like a barking concept, because Metronomy piss all over Daft Punk and their French electro-isms. Why? Because they're more interesting. They're better. And they swear."

"[Whether] bashing their T-shirts’ globe lights in unison like out-of-space gorillas hunting for mates they may look odd, but they’ve practised. Hard."

"The trio’s calculator-rock-punk-funk-electro-blimpoid-whatever music is meant to make people dance, as long as it’s on the floor in front of them. And most of the gum-chewing art-school kids here abide by those unwritten rules, twitching and shoulder-jabbing robot-style in time to the wicky-wah-wah beats’n’bleeps."

Emma Edmondson, WOW.

All references and links to NME.Com are done for satirical purposes only.
These quotes are in no way, whatso-fucking-ever anything to do with me, i just thought you might like to see them for the lols.

For more Metronomy/NME-related lols - visit nme.com HERE. Don't forget to clear your history!
- Lea x